Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Every year for Father's Day Ryan goes up and plays golf with his Dad. He's a great dad each day of the year but this day he's gets to take it off and just hang out with his dad. Allison made him a present at school and she excitedly hid it under her bed for the past month. On Thursday we went to a Brainy Zoo and made garden stones for him. On Sunday while he was playing golf, the girls and I made him Snickerdoodles (his first choice would've been peanut butter cookies, but Allison wasn't going for that) and we prepped a yummy dinner which all he needed to do was BBQ. The girls and I had a great day and hopefully he did too. They love you Daddy! and I do too!

We had to do some minor repair to the garden stones. They dried too quickly so some of the gems wouldn't stick.

Nothing a little hot glue can't fix

So long truck!

Three kids means three car seats. Pretty simple you would think, but getting those three car seats into a car is nothing simple at all. Sarah has to sit in the middle because she faces backwards and hits the seat in front of her which means that her travel system carseat must be lifted over one of the big girls' seats.

In the truck it means I have to climb all the way in and thrust her over the other car seat all the while hoping I plop in the right spot without pinching fingers along the way. Hers are the only ones safe. Then there's always the issue of the clam shell doors. It's not so easy to dosey do with 3 kids (one in a car seat) in a parking lot where you have about a foot of room between you and the next vehicle.

In the car I have to pull the handle of the car seat down before I put her in and jam her between the two other car seats until I hear a click. Once again look out below and watch those fingers. The good thing is those cars seats are in so tight the girls aren't going anywhere. The car seats probably don't need to be buckled in (but they are).

Ryan and I have talked about the vehicle situation for months now but on one income we don't really want to take on a car's been 5 years since we've had to make one of those, but after struggling we decided to sell the truck and get a mini van. Ryan put the truck up on craigslist on Friday morning before Father's Day (Happy Father's Day to you! You have to sell the truck you love for a mini van that you probably won't love) and it was sold by Monday evening.

Swagger Wagon here we come

Swim Lessons

Allison has completed her first session of swim lessons for the summer. We are taking a two week break before the next session begins but she's doing really well. She's moving through the water quickly and is working on her freestyle stroke. We weren't thrilled with the instructor this time around but Alli made lots of progress and LOVES the water just like her daddy.

She's regressed a bit in terms of floating but it's hard when you haven't an ounce of fat

Look through the blocks and you can see a foot :-) She went in head first on her first attempt!

Listening for instruction

There she goes

Last day of lessons always means a trip on the slide!

2 months today!

Dear Sarah:

I cannot believe that you are two months old today. You are the happiest baby I know and your smiles are contagious. Your sisters love you more than you know and you are so lucky in that way. They don't seem to be jealous at all and I hope that means that your dad and I are giving you all just what you need. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Not so happy about our photo session

Give me my binkie and put me in the swing and I'm a happy (and minutes from sleep)girl

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nana's Birthday

We headed up to Placerville on Sunday to celebrate Nana's birthday and as always the kids had a blast.

Unable to rotate again, but here's Nana's special gift

Always good times at Nana and Papa's house

The grandkids decorating the cake

Whitney enjoyed the fun

A new tradition: the kids always decorate Nana's cate and therefore it's a cake only Nana could love


We now have two children sleeping in our bed. While I never judge what other parents do I was never a fan of the family bed for my family. I need my sleep and I need my space. Well, along came Kate and from the first night in the hospital, that child would not sleep unless it was with me. We finally got her to sleep in her crib at about 6 months old (with lots of tears and a little vomit-yes, she gets herself so worked up that she throws up) and it was good until last year at Bass Lake. We all slept in the same room and it was easier to pull her into bed than fight with the pack and play at all hours of night. LITTLE DID I KNOW that a year later she would still be sleeping in hour bad. She starts off in her own bed but sometime during the night she climbs on in.

My plan was for Sarah to sleep in the pack and play in our room until she was ready for her own roon and crib which also involves moving big girls into one room. Well, Sarah too had other plans and she is also sleeping with us. and as you can tell from the pictures, sleeping on the yellow pad and taking over Kate's bed too. How is it that she can sleep just about anywhere in the house during the day, but just one spot at night. Oh well, someday they won't want anything to do with their mom and I'll miss these days of being squished between them and listening to those sweet little breaths.

This is pretty comfortable..why doesn't she sleep in it?

Sleeping in Kate's bed

Summer Haircuts

Allison looks forward to her summer haircut every year. I think she just likes the change, but just after school is out for summer we head to Cool Cuts for Kids. Kate is not a fan of haircuts, but she was long overdue so after many conversations and some bribery she agreed. Allison picked her movie and jumped right into the chair. Kate was a little apprehensive but did not refuse and there were no tears (or screaming or climbing up my arm like last time). Allison took quite a bit off while Kate opted for just a trim.
Allison was all smiles

Kate was not as eager

The final result!

Fun with friends at Funderland

Ryan is in Louisville for 9 days and before he planned the trip I recruited my mom and aunt to come up and help out during the time that he would be gone. Thank goodness they agreed because after just barely surviving, I wouldn't have been able to do it alone. The girls and I had not been to Funderland, which is just a small amusement park in Sacramento, so with Grandma in town we planned the trip with our good friends the Bressingtons. I didn't know how perfect the day would turn out to be. From perfect weather, to well behaved and similiar styles in kids, we had a great day and are already looking forward to going back again.
Kate's favorite

They must've gone on the Dragon Roller Coaster at least 20 times

Does either driver have their eyes on the road?

Calum and Kate coming around the bend

Allison and Evan


Calum getting crazy!

Calum and Allison took a ride together

Allison and Evan about to fly high

Sacramento County Fair

So it's Friday and Allison is out of school and says, "Mom, I want to do something fun today." Ryan already had plans to play golf with friends so I hit the internet in hopes of finding someplace fun. I found that the county fair was in town. I was a little apprehensive about taking all three kids sans Ryan to the fair, but I promised myself that I would never let any one of the girls miss out on something because of the others so no matter how hard this might be I was going to attempt it. We first set out to Walgreens for all-you-can-ride wristbands as advertised on the fair such thing.
The girls had a great time on the rides. Allison was her usual daredevil self and spotted the roller coaster immediately while Kate chose the more laid back approach and couldn't get enough of the carousel. We had a great day and I'm proud to say this mama can hang with the best of them even solo!
Roller Coaster time!

Allison atop the fun house

All Aboard!

Big Sister got her license first

What's a trip to the fair without some face paint?

I have to add that Kate was not a fan of the animals. We walked around a bit after rides and wandered through the animal exhibit. We found the goats first, then the horses and each time she would say, "It stinks, let's leave." She liked looking at the rabbits and roosters, and seemed okay with the pigs until they oinked. Even at the county fair, we three are city girls.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Six Weeks and a Silly Smile

Sarah turned six weeks today and I just cannot believe it. While it feels like she's been a part of our lives always, I can't believe how fast the time is going. She's smiling and babbling already and her sisters love her tons!

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

I couldn't get this to rotate but it was the cutest cake ever.

I cannot believe that this day has come. I remember Allison's first day of preschool and how apprehensive I was in dropping her off. I knew she was ready but this was such a huge step for us. The Ranch is a wonderful place for preschoolers to grow and learn. Allison has gained not only a ton of knowledge but confidence and self assurance too.

I wanted to take a picture of Allison with her teachers and put it in a frame for the end of the year gift. The disadvantage to involving your kids in everything? She wanted to plant flowers for her teachers and there was no talking her of out it. So that's what she did. She picked out the pots and flowers and planted everyhting herself.

Circle Time

Weather more time


I haven't had the heart to tell Allison that she gave up the swings at preschool. There are no swings in elementary school. I think it might be her biggest disappointment.

Gracie, Allison, and Mrs. Campollo

Alli and Mrs. Dunn

Gracie, Blair, and Allison alongside Mrs. Akin

Congrats Alli Girl!