Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kate's Birthday

I cannot believe she is three years old. On her birthday every year, Ryan and I like to look back on her dramatic birth. I think everyone who knows us now knows the story of Kate being born on the bathroom floor. Her birth perfectly describes her personality but she's an amazing little girl. She's one of the kindest kids you will ever meet. She tells me she loves me several times a day and it's always followed by a tender touch on my arm. When asked for things, her usual response is, "Sure!" and she means it. Daddy and I love you so much Kate Girl!

Getting a ride in from Papa

A birthday hug from Alli

Baby Sarah trying to keep warm

Nana and kids atop the haystack

Calum and Kate on the Moo Train

Grace and Alli too

Our hayride

The calm before the storm...literally

The mad dash for cupcakes before we all melted from the rain

Blowing out the candles

The chocolatier the better

The best birthday gift...roller skates! Thank you to the Himmelmanns

Brownies and ice cream for the day of celebration

Blowing out the candle

She was very intent on "reading" her cards this year. I think each one said, "Happy Birthday, Kate. We love you very much."

Doesn't every three year old want camisoles for their birthday?

I have no idea what this was but the look on her face is pretty good

She's so excited to have her own fishing pole

A crown and a cupcake face

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween with lots of fun activities. Allison had a Halloween party at school and then we went to a party at a friend's house. We had a blast decorating our pumpkin, and yes, even Ryan got into the spirit this year. We topped it off with another great evening with the Himmelmanns. Allison was very excited to be a witch and Kate early on decided to be Dorothy but in the end she decided to be Minnie another year.
Ayden's Halloween Party

The Harvest Festival

Pumpkin Bowling

Getting ready to go trick or treating at the Eathorne's Annaul Halloween Party

Our scary pumpkin

All the kids at the Himmelmanns

The Not So Evil Wicked Witch

Kate as Minnie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 months old: How can it be?

Happy 1/2 Birthday Sarah!
Sitting up...stronger and stronger everyday

Still loves her swing

She'd rather have her foot for dinner

Chicken and peas

Always happy about her bath

Look at those legs


One of Allison's nightly homework assignments to read her RAH-RAH (Read at Home) books. She's doing really well and in no time earned her ice cream sundae for reading the first 25 books. Way to go Alli Mare!
Celebrating with friends: Rose and Blair

Good Friends

With Kate waiting another year to start preschool, we take advantage of all of the plyadates that we can. Her very favorite pal is Calum and just about everyone morning she asks if she is going to see him today. She prefers to go to his house to play, but of course on occasion I talk them into coming here. We had a fun time making a seasonal art project with marshmellows. The ghosts turned out cute and we turned it into a math lesson too. They could eat one marshmellow for every 10 that they glued to their ghost. Cute, fun, and yummy too.

1st Ever Girls Only Movie Night

Daddy doesn't take many trips so it isn't often that I'm home with the girls days AND nights, but on those rare occasions, I have to really gear up and mentally prepare for the long hours. Tonight, we decided to have our first ever movie night. We rented Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, had popcorn, and set ourselves up in the living room with sleeping bags too. It was a fun night and a big success.
Kate has her popcorn in hand

Sarah and Alli