Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Rancho Murieta celebrates 4th of July in a big way and the girls had a great day.
On your mark...

Both girls did the fun run. Allison was the only one to stay on course. Kate didn't want to do it but with some coaxing she gave her it her all

You can tell that Allison is really excited about the Pancake Breakfast at the Lake

Here's Allison on The Ranch "Float"

All the cousins aboard the golf cart after the parade

We went on to the carnival and had lunch and jumped in the jump houses. We came back for a quick nap and then went over to the Bartons to swim and have dinner. Finally, it was time for the fireworks. Both girls were so excited. We set out our blanket for the perfect spot and then met up with the Himmelmanns to watch the lights. First boom, and Kate was screaming. I had Sarah in hand already, so I scooped Kate up and off we went. She liked the lights but not the noise. I put her to bed and Ryan told her we can try again next year to which she replied, "I'm don't think I'm gonna like them next year either."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 10th Anniversary

I can't believe that 10 years ago today I was running around getting my hair done, taking pictures, and becoming Mrs. Myers. You were getting dressed and taking shots of Peppermint Schnapps. It was a great day and we shared it with so many friends. We had a dog and two cats and lived in a little house with a huge backyard in Sacramento. We sold that house (and made a killing)and bought another house (made a little money). Today we still have that same dog and two cats, a bigger house with no backyard that you wish we hadn't bought because the previous owners can now say they made a killing. We have three beautiful girls that we both couldn't love more. You are working two sometimes three jobs so that I can stay home and be with them. I love you more now than I did that day and more than I ever could've imagined. Happy Anniversary Ry!