Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best of 2010

Here's our Top 10 of 2010

1. Sarah born
2. Bass Lake
3. Disneyland
4. Allison's first ski lesson
5. Fishing

6. Preschool graduation
7. First Fun Runs
8. Swim lessons

9. 1st day of Kindergarten

10. A clean and organized playroom

Bike Riding

Here's how we've been spending the rest of Christmas break...

Christmas Morning

I'm not sure I can think of anything better than Christmas morning with kids. We asked Allison to come in and wake us up before she went to check out what Santa brought but it couldn't be before 7 am. At 7:01 she poked her head in and rushed us all out of bed. I grabbed the camera and captured (on video) Kate coming down the hall as Alli waited for Ryan like she was told. Allison still loves to check out the stockings first while Kate made a beeline for her new bike. They enjoyed opening presents and Sarah preferred to sleep in. She opened her presents a little while later. Later in the day we went to see Shane's new house, opened presents with them, and had dinner. It was truly a magical Christmas.
Scarf from Santa and rainboots from Allison
Allison diving in to presents
Kate picked out the perfect ornament for Ryan at the Ranch Christmas Store
We got her her own Giants gear
Here's to your first Christmas Sarah!
Sarah got into her stocking too

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We left treats for Santa and were able to capture what he left behind before the girl found it...Thanks Santa!
The treats for him...
What he left behind
Some special gifts for Allison
Don't forget the stockings

Christmas Break

2 weeks with everyone home. I was so excited. I knew we had to have a plan because two weeks with nothing on the schedule would mean mutiny so over break the plan was: everyday we (who am I kidding?) I would deep clean a room, we would bake something and we would do a project. Most of the cleaning got done, the baking got done, and most of the projects did too. Success and exhaustion

First up: Projects
Wooden Decorations
Clay Ornaments: Stage 1
Clay Ornaments: Stage 2
Alli's finished ornaments
Kate's finished ornaments

Gingerbread House
Ryan being silly but it was nice to have him home

Next up: Baking
Chocolate Fudge Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Lemon Bars
Peanut Blossoms

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas with Aunt Patty

Aunt Patty came up a little early to celebrate Christmas with us. The girls love to spend time with her and loved the gifts she brought up. Hopefully we'll see her again soon and she'll bring Uncle Tom too! Thanks Patty...we love you!
Sarah liked the box and wrapping paper much more than the clothes inside

Silly Bandz!

Oh boy, a standing microphone to go with her guitar

A pillow pet's a good thing it's stuffed

Somehow I missed Allison opening her gifts, but she loves her Scrabble game and her Crayon maker!

Winter Holiday Feast

Once again the kindergarteners got together for a feast. This time a little continental breakfast and some fun Christmas songs. The kids were eagerly awaiting Christmas break, but had a little bit of fun before they said goodbye for 2010.
Allison and Evan...sans hats

Allison and Mrs. Passmore

My "big" girls

Caroling Fun!

Allison missed her first session of caroling with the girl scouts but we had a double booked ourselves and had plans with a group of friends to go caroling later in the evening. The girls enjoyed some hot cocoa, Ryan enjoyed some hot cocoa with a little something extra and we all enjoyed singing along to our favorite Christmas Carols.
Kate and Calum ready to go

Goin' on a Tree Hunt

We almost didn't get a tree this year. For a few days we used the tree hunt as a carrot for good behavior then we quickly figured out that if we waited for a day when both girls held it together we might not get a tree at all. Then when you factored in the weather and Ryan unwilling to cut down a tree in the rain or mud it was ever more unlikely. So one day after school and before two sets of caroling plans we ran down the Davis Ranch and got our tree. Grace joined us and served as our family photographer too. But in the end, Allison chose to stay home and decorate the tree and skip the first session of caroling with her girl scout troop. Whew...December 16th we finally had a tree!
Daddy going to work

The girls in front of our tree


Daddy hauling it away

Yes, they are girls. The only mud that was touched was via a stick!

All decorated!