Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Pickers Family Night

We have Kate's birthday party at Fog Willow Pumpkin Farm every year. I know that one of these years she is going to protest but we'll hold on as long as we can. One of the advantages is that we get to take part in their annual family night were they are closed to the public but they invite all of the kids who have birthdays during the month to a BBQ dinner and a movie on the lawn. Movie was a no-go this year with Sarah but we enjoyed touring the farm and our tasty hot dog dinner.

Sarah: up or anything

Our first hayride

Allison: another year taller

Kate's turn

Who can turn down a hot dog and Cheetos?

My little pumpkin

All Three

October is FINALLY here

Allison has been getting a lot of attention lately with the beginning of school and her birthday. While Kate cannot express that she's feeling a little underappreciated, she's definitely showing signs. She is so excited that it's FINALLY October and that her birthday is soon approaching.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another 1/4 Run

Allison wanted to do another one and we were anxious to get her into one since the fall because she now thinks that everytime she run she's gonna fall. We walked the course (ha-it was a street) and I told Allison at what point in the street I wanted her to run and she did just what I asked. I was really proud of her and she's becoming quite the runner. Best part was: NO FALL!
Just before the run started Kate decided she wanted to do it too. Ryan had a cross country meet so Sarah and I helped as much as we could. Both girls took off and I think about half way down the 1/4 mile stretch Kate realized I wasn't there and panicked. A nice lady ran with her the whole way and about 200 yards from the finish line Kate had a complete meltdown. We coaxed her to the finish line and by the end she was pretty pleased with herself.

5 months old

These days Sarah loves laying on the floor holding her toes. It's funny to remember back because Allison used to suck on her toes during mealtime. I have tons of pictures of her in her highchair with her toes in her mouth. Kate, well, her belly was too big for such a feat so I have no pictures of Kate holding her toes. While Sarah, has quite a belly she seems to carry her weight in her thighs so here is how she looks most of the time. Happy 5 month birthday Sarah Girl
I got my toes

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Not holding still for pictures these days

First Foods

I was a little apprehensive about our 4 month doctor visit. We recently switched to Kaiser and while I have been happy with our doctor, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of starting out our first visit by saying, "I'm not feeding her rice cereal and oatmeal." Lucky for me, the new guidelines for infants say to feed them anything they want so we started with peaches, then went to peas. These days she has some fruit with lunch, some veggies with dinner and even some of the meat that we are having for dinner. She loves her veggies and isn't a big fan of fruit. No more sweet smelling popcorn poopy diapers. She's a big girl now ;-(

Pretty excited about mealtime

She loves her water even though most of it ends up on her shirt

and the homework begins

Allison was so excited for her first week of homework. She gets her homework packet on Friday and it's due the following Thursday. She had it done by Friday afternoon. Nope, she doesn't procrastinate like her daddy.

Update: week 5 she is not as eager to do the entire packet. She still gets to work on it Friday afternoon and does a lot of it but coloring the uppercase and lowercase letters is a bit of a drag.