Friday, October 8, 2010

Another 1/4 Run

Allison wanted to do another one and we were anxious to get her into one since the fall because she now thinks that everytime she run she's gonna fall. We walked the course (ha-it was a street) and I told Allison at what point in the street I wanted her to run and she did just what I asked. I was really proud of her and she's becoming quite the runner. Best part was: NO FALL!
Just before the run started Kate decided she wanted to do it too. Ryan had a cross country meet so Sarah and I helped as much as we could. Both girls took off and I think about half way down the 1/4 mile stretch Kate realized I wasn't there and panicked. A nice lady ran with her the whole way and about 200 yards from the finish line Kate had a complete meltdown. We coaxed her to the finish line and by the end she was pretty pleased with herself.

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