Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dorothy meets MJ

Few words are needed for this one, but hopefully it brings a smile or a chuckle as it did for us.

Part 2

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow Day

The stormy weather that we have been having lately does make for some great snow opportunties in the mountains. We took off Saturday and headed to Icehouse Lake to meet up with Ryan's dad and sister and her family for a day (or a few hours) in the snow. We attempted to sled, but the little area didn't have much of a sled hill. Chris made a great snowman with help from Allison. We spent the morning in the snow and then headed back to Nana and Papa's house for a some time in the hot tub. We all had a great time and look forward to doing it again before the winter is over.


Chris, Shane, and Logan attempting a sled run

Somebody's about to get launched

Luckily she's a really good sport

I had to get in on the fun too!

Incoming (from Dad)!

Alli was helping Uncle Chris with the snowman

The final result

and they finished the day in the hot tub

more pics from Magic Mountain

I published the last post before I meant to so here are some more pictures from our trip

Bugs Bunny please don't come near me!

The girls on Percy the Roller Coaster

Ryan and Allison aboard Jet Stream

Kate and I getting ready for Jet Stream

Two very tired girls on the way home

Friday, January 22, 2010

Magic Mountain

We headed to LA for a long weekend to attend a funeral, but I wanted to make the trip enjoyable for the girls especially since we were spending so much time in the car. We drove to Valencia on Saturday and luckily we planned to stop there because it was about as far as the girls could handle. About 30 minutes before our stop, Ryan pulled the car over on the side of the freeway and told both girls he would not go again until they both stopped crying. Much to my surprise, they both stopped and we continued on our journey.

We stayed in Valencia and the next morning we got up to go to Magic Mountain. The girls have never been to an amusement park so they didn't really know what to expect, but they had a great time and we stayed much longer than we expected. Allison is our dare devil and while she was fine on the kiddie rides, once we hit a roller coaster she was hooked and from then on requested fast rides. She wasn't quite tall enough for the big roller coasters and I was grateful for that, but she had a great time throughout the park. Kate was a little more cautious and was willing to go on most of the rides, but Percy the roller coaster was too fast.

We met up with my brother, sister, newphew, and step-mom. This was the first time that the girls met their cousin Stephen but they were quick friends. Kate was chasing him by the very next day.

We finished off the day with a traumatic log ride. We had gone on the log jammer earlier in the day and while Kate wasn't a huge fan, we talked her into going again, but this time there were people at the cannons and at the very end of the ride Kate and I got hit and were absolutely soaked. While I know it's fun for people to take aim and we took our chance on the ride, it wasn't the nicest thing to do to a family with small kids. It took her a while to recover but all in all it was a very fun day.

My grandfather was a very special person to me and I miss him each and every day. I think every family has those people that are pillars to the family and he was definintely that for our family. I know he's up there holding hands with my grandmother right now, but I will miss him tremedously.

Ryan and the girls relaxing in the hot tub after a long day in the car.

The carousel is always a hit with my girls

Allison and Bugs just inside Bugs Bunny World

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update-Happy New Year

There's been a lot going on these days but I don't want to put too many posts and push Alli's bike riding too far below for many to see. If you haven't seen her riding her bike yet, please scroll down and check out her progress. We're very proud of her and she's pretty pleased with herself too.

We celebrated New Years at home with a special dinner and the girls stayed up late to watch the New York festivities. Alli did enjoy a special beverage but it was just sparkling cider.

Kate AKA Dorothy is still in full Wizard of Oz mode even though she rarely asks to watch the movie anymore. A usual dinner converstaion typically includes a question as to what is Dorothy having for dinner and is she asleep yet. She loves the doll that Uncle Kevin and Aunt Irene got for her and Kate makes sure that she is properly covered with blankets before she herself falls asleep at night. Unfortunately for me, Dorothy hasn't helped Kate sleep through the night or stay in her own bed but that's a pretty loft goal even for Dorothy.

We seemed lucky throughout the first part of the cold and flu season and didn't seem to catch anything major, but as of lately the girls and Ryan and I are battling something. Alli is fighting a cough and poor Kate has ended up with her second round of pneumonia. Luckily for us, again, we seem to have caught it in time and with antibiotics and breathing treatments she seems to be better. It's interesting to see the personalities come through their illnesses. Allison, just like Ryan, is down for the count when she gets sick. She gets a fever and will lay on the couch for the day and be fine the next day. Kate, like me, on the other hand will power through and will be really sick but you can't tell by looking at her. I finally took her to the doctor because her cough didn't sound right and the doc was amazed that she was as perky and lively as she was.

Happy Twenty Ten!

Day 2 of bike riding

Here's more bike riding practice

I can ride a bike with no training wheels

Alli has been riding her balance bike since August and has been doing really well. We tried to get her to keep riding her bike with training wheels just to keep her used the pedaling process but she refused to use that bike at all. Over break we both thought she might be ready to give her big girl bike a try without the training wheels, but the weather didn't cooperate much. Sunday was really cold be we were running out of time so we gave it a shot.

The balance bike was huge in teaching her to balance and as you can tell she's got that part down. It's the stop that we need to work on. I think the bike is still a little big for her to reach down and stop but we'll keep working. We're both really proud of you Alli girl!

Congratulations on riding a bike without training wheels at less than 4 and a half-pretty impressive!