Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can ride a bike with no training wheels

Alli has been riding her balance bike since August and has been doing really well. We tried to get her to keep riding her bike with training wheels just to keep her used the pedaling process but she refused to use that bike at all. Over break we both thought she might be ready to give her big girl bike a try without the training wheels, but the weather didn't cooperate much. Sunday was really cold be we were running out of time so we gave it a shot.

The balance bike was huge in teaching her to balance and as you can tell she's got that part down. It's the stop that we need to work on. I think the bike is still a little big for her to reach down and stop but we'll keep working. We're both really proud of you Alli girl!

Congratulations on riding a bike without training wheels at less than 4 and a half-pretty impressive!

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