Thursday, May 20, 2010

Come Meet Us at the Zoo

Each year Alli's preschool class puts on a presentation for the parents at the end of the year entitled Come Meet Us at the Zoo. The kids represent a letter and memorize their part to say during the presentation. They also sing the songs that they have learned all year. Last year the weather was extremely hot and I worred about Allison over heating in her Ellie the Elephant costume. This year we battled the rain. It started raining about 3 minutes into the presentation so everyone had to scramble to get their umbrellas that we hoped we wouldn't need. It als made it really hard to see. Ryan took a few pictures from our seats, but there should be more/better pictures to come from Papa. We were very proud of our Allie Alligator. A try on at home befor the big show Ryan and Kate's view Getting ready

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pink Guitar

Kate has been asking for a pink guitar for months...we finally gave in but are so glad we did. We get to sit for concerts all of the time. This is one of my favorites... 5 Green and Preckled (should be Spreckled) Frogs

Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town

All's preschool went on a field trip to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town. Kate has been talking about going to Fairy Tale Town since we went with Shane a couple of weeks ago, but she was fighting a fever over the past few days so she got to stay with Nana while Alli, Sarah, and I went on the field trip. We made a quick trip around the zoo and watched an animal show and then we headed to Fairy Tale Town for lunch, a puppet show, and our usual visits on the crooked mile and the many slides throughout Fairy Tale Town. Sarah was a great traveler and Allison and Grace had a good time together.

I tried to get a picture of the girls before we went into the zoo but the sun was in their eyes and it didn't work very well. I kept trying though...I have three pictures that all pretty much look the same.

The brand new, beautiful carousel at the zoo

3 silly monkeys

The only animal picture I took. I guess it's no suprise that Allison wasn't all that enthusiastic about the zoo either

Kanga and her joey

Allison's best friend Grace...she's a cutie


Sarah's First Bath

It seemed like the umbilical cord took forever to fall off completely, but finally it did and Sarah was able to take her first bath. I learned from Kate to make it just about as hot as I think she can stand and then she was happy in the bath. The same holds true for Sarah. As hot as the thermometer will read and don't touch her with cold hands.

"Cold hands, Mom!"

Happy Again

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's me. Last year I got to enjoy a totally kid-free Mother's Day with some girlfriends at a spa. With a three week old baby, that wasn't an option for this year and my friend was nice enough to just leave me out of the planning as not to rub it in. This year, Ryan and the girls let me sleep in and then made me breakfast. We headed to the Terrace for lunch and then cruised the mall for a bit. Not exactly a pampering Mother's Day but we had a nice time I enjoyed spending time together.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there.