Friday, January 14, 2011

Goin' on a Tree Hunt

We almost didn't get a tree this year. For a few days we used the tree hunt as a carrot for good behavior then we quickly figured out that if we waited for a day when both girls held it together we might not get a tree at all. Then when you factored in the weather and Ryan unwilling to cut down a tree in the rain or mud it was ever more unlikely. So one day after school and before two sets of caroling plans we ran down the Davis Ranch and got our tree. Grace joined us and served as our family photographer too. But in the end, Allison chose to stay home and decorate the tree and skip the first session of caroling with her girl scout troop. Whew...December 16th we finally had a tree!
Daddy going to work

The girls in front of our tree


Daddy hauling it away

Yes, they are girls. The only mud that was touched was via a stick!

All decorated!

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