Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Morning

I'm not sure I can think of anything better than Christmas morning with kids. We asked Allison to come in and wake us up before she went to check out what Santa brought but it couldn't be before 7 am. At 7:01 she poked her head in and rushed us all out of bed. I grabbed the camera and captured (on video) Kate coming down the hall as Alli waited for Ryan like she was told. Allison still loves to check out the stockings first while Kate made a beeline for her new bike. They enjoyed opening presents and Sarah preferred to sleep in. She opened her presents a little while later. Later in the day we went to see Shane's new house, opened presents with them, and had dinner. It was truly a magical Christmas.
Scarf from Santa and rainboots from Allison
Allison diving in to presents
Kate picked out the perfect ornament for Ryan at the Ranch Christmas Store
We got her her own Giants gear
Here's to your first Christmas Sarah!
Sarah got into her stocking too

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