Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet Sarah: 8 months

She's eating..well sorta. For breakfast she has an egg and some banana. For lunch she has avocado and some fruit or chicken and fruit and for dinner she has whatever we're having along with a pureed veggie and fruit. We're struggling to get the veggies down but she's more than willing to indulge in some fruit. She's very good at shaking her head, but we don't really think it means "No" unless you are offerring veggies and then it's most definitely no. She's not crawling but sitting up and lunging forward. She's babbling and saying "Mamama" and she still loves her big sisters. Allison can make her smile and laugh like no other. Sarah's extremely ticklish and still not sleeping through the night. She's up about 3 times a night...I'm hoping that gets better soon but I haven't consistently slept through the night in almost 5 1/2 years so what's another couple of months, right? We love you Sairs!
1st backpack ride!

I cannot tell you how much I love you littl girl, but I know that one day you will know and understand.

Mama is jealous of those curly locks

Happy 8 month birthday, Sarah!

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