Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very mellow Valentine's Day. Usually Ryan has swim practice on Valentine's Day so for the past few years it's been a special day for just the girls and I. Since it was a Sunday this year, he didn't have practice but he's not a fan of the day in general so we made it a usual day with a little Valentine's love thrown in there. Allison made some special gifts at school and we got them each a little something special too.

My present was waiting for me a night early...I got a special treat after I put the girls to bed on Saturday night. Ryan's not a fan of Vday, but he knows how much I love Ettore's Chocolate Truffle.

The girls were pretty excited to have another excuse to open presents

Allison loves pajamas so she got a new pair just for Valentine's Day

Kate's new leotard doubled as pajamas because she wore it for a full 36 hours before we insisted that it needed to be washed

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