Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nesting Weekend

The nesting bug hit me on Friday morning. The playroom is a source of angst for both Ryan and I. There are toys everywhere and our biggest problem is that we can't purge anything because both girls cycle through things and each time we think we can get rid of something it becomes the center of attention for a while. So Saturday morning we set out for IKEA for bookshelves for the playroom and a dresser for Kate's room. A few hundred dollars later the house is more organized than ever.

A clean and organized playroom!

Kate's room got a facelift with the new dresser and bed placement

We bought Kate a new dresser and her old one will become the baby's but until then my maternity clothes now have a new temporary home (no longer on the floor)

Ryan even got in on the fun and hung the curtains in kitchen. A special thanks to Jim and Cindy and my mom for the curtains and rods which were my Christmas gifts this year. I love my finally completed kitchen!

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Jessica said...

Oh I love your curtains:). Ah the feeling of being organized is so great.