Sunday, August 22, 2010

RiverCats! Mommy and Me Day

Both girls love to watch baseball with Ryan. While we only watch the Giants on TV, our local triple A team, the RiverCats, farms to the Oakland Athletics. We try and go to a couple of games a year because it's so close and the stadium is beautiful, but it has been a couple of years since we've caught a game. I wasn't sure if I was brave enough to take the girls to Mommy and Me Day just because I hate to have them go off in separate directions, but I promised they wouldn't miss out so we did it. The girls had a great time for the most part. Kate was not a fan of Dinger and let everyone in the stadium know it. The piercing, panic scream could be heard for miles and for a long time she didn't want to go onto the field. Once I convinced her I would "save" her from him, she did go onto the field and participate in the activities, but she kept an eye on him the whole time.
It's August so the girls were dressed in capris and tshirts...normally we would've had to worry about the heat. Today we show up and it's COLD. The wind was blowing the girls were all uncomfortably cold so we bought sweatshirts on the way in. It really was THAT cold. We walked down the stairs and the sweatshirts came off..oops. Our free day didn't turn out free after all. I'm calling it a souvenier, but Ryan still isn't happy about it.

I couldn't capture the feet positioning because my family would disown me. Allison still throws with her right foot forward. Really, I'm trying!

Nothing like pushing a ball that's bigger than you are around the field

Kate loved the jump rope

The girls posing with their friends Madeline and Lillian

She's rounding third

Inside the jump house

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