Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ryan's Summer Project

Last summer Ryan took to redoing the deck. He stripped the awful red paint and sanded most of the deck which was no small task. Under the deck we had found some dryrot and he knew he had to fix it but wasn't sure how so he put it off...and off. This summer it didn't look like the summer job with Chad was going to pan out so Ryan and his dad decided they would take on fixing a few boards and getting the deck back in shape. Many of you know that I often refer to Ryan's projects as "black hole" projects. They start out small and the further he goes into the project the bigger and bigger it becomes. True of the deck.
They started to get under the deck and found more and more dryrot. Early in day 1 Ryan comes in the house to get me and I knew I was in for it. They was more dryrot than they thought and he was contemplating taking the whole thing out. I've never liked our front deck but just the idea of the tear down and replacement of the staircase made me learly. Not that we have visitors all that often, but I didn't like the idea of people not being able to come to our front door...EVER. It made sense to take it down, and Ryan and Jim promised me that I would have a working staircase by summers end. That same day Chad called and said that he did need Ryan afterall and he would start the following day, of course. So Ryan's summer project turned into a Sunday project because he was working not just 5 days a week, but 6 for Chad. It was a long summer and even longer Sundays. Ryan has gone back to school, I do have a working staircase, but the deck isn't done so the Sundays continue at least for now. Cross your fingers for me, please.

Stairs but no railing

Looking better

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