Monday, September 20, 2010


One of the many family events in Rancho Murieta is Summerfest. It's like the State Fair Midway but just up the street. Allison looks forward to it every year and the greatest part is that it is always right around her birthday. This year Kate was able to enjoy in the fun and had such a good time she refused to leave on Friday night. She was exhausted and had to pee, but like her mom refuses to go in "yucky bathrooms" but she did not want to go home. We found out the hard way that ten o'clock was too late for KG even with a nap. Thanks to Patty and Tom for coming up and attending with us. Good times were had by all.
Alli and Grace on the roller coaster

Alli and Ryan on the bumper cars

Fun on a slide. Notice the side rails...I will always associate this ride with my brother falling off and breaking his arm

Day 2
Alli and Tom...all smiles

There are only three people in this world I would get on a ferris wheel's one of them

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