Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

It was time for the annual Rancho Murieta Christmas Tree Lighting. Aunt Patty and Uncle Tom were up for Thanksgiving so they got to join in the fun this year. The rain kept many people away but not us. We got there just in time to see Santa and Mrs. Clause arrive in the fire truck. We helped everyone countdown to the tree lighting and then Alli sat on Santa's lap to tell him what she wanted this year. Ryan coached her up earlier so her response was, "I have everything I need so please suprise me with something fun." We had a good time and are looking forward to all that the season brings.

Getting ready to head out. We had to bundle up because it was rainy and cold...

Santa was gettting his greetings and instructions at the same time

Alli was happy to sit on Santa's lap although I think she preferred Mrs. Claus...after all take a look at Santa's mustache. I think he had a little too much Schnaps in his hot chocolate

Kate was having no part of Santa's lap. It reminded me of our ever successful trip to visit the Easter Bunny earlier this year.


Jessica said...

I love that first picture:). The one of Kate says it ALL. We were four minutes late and missed Santa's arrival and the tree lighting. Your new camera takes great pics.

myersfamily said...

We have been late just about every year. I think this is the first year that we got to countdown and see the lighting, but we still cut it pretty close. I saw Geoff this morning at CRES...hard to believe that will be us next year!