Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toddler Talk

I love that Kate is talking more and more each day and that her words are so much more clear, but I also love the twist that little kids put on our language. I will try and get video of some of my favorite sayings but she's not one to perform so we'll see how it goes.

Ryan's favorite "Happy Face"

Some that I hear all the time: "Watch Dorfy" (she wants to watch the Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
"Here you go" which is just a funny thing for a two year old to say

Yesterday, we were come home from school and Allison was showing Kate her art project. Kate takes a look and says, "Good yob Alls" aka "Good Job Alls"

And one of my all time favorites is "Polkapots" for polkadots

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