Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Craig's Christmas Party

Every year some friends of ours from Rancho Murieta hold a really fun Christmas Party. I met Deb through a toddler playgroup and then we started doing CrossFit together. I'm proud to say that she kept up with it and looks awesome, but this year she also asked me to join their coed softball team. I had a blast and I'm so thankful to have played on the team and met some really great people many of whom came to the party. Deb goes all out for this party and the house is completely decorated for the holidays and looks amazing. Last year, we asked Jim and Cindy to come down and watch the girls so that we could go to the party. Kate was a little young, but still found a way to sabotage our plans. We planned to leave about 8 after she went to sleep. Instead, she stayed awake until 9:30 (a record for her) and we showed up more than fashionably late.
This year Aunt Patty was nice enough to come up and watch the girls since Shane had already reserved Nana and Papa. Patty planned a Christmas Party for the girls which included hot chocolate, stickers, stamps, and other holiday crafts. The girls had a blast. We headed over to the party and had a great time ourselves. I was not overly enthusiastic about being preggers and not being able to partake in the holiday drinking. Not that I wanted to get hammered but it's not always so much fun to stand around and watch everyone else get hammered. Ryan and I had a great time catching up with the neighbors and just enjoying a night out. Little did we know that Kate was enjoying her night in...all the way until we got home at 12:30. Patty tried to put her to bed several times, but it was not happening. I'm not sure how many 2 year olds can stay up (happily) until 1:30 in the morning, but apprently Kate can. Thanks to the Craigs for a wonderful party and a huge thanks to Aunt Patty for watching the girls and waiting it out with Kate.

Here are the girls celebrating their version of a Christmas Party

A family shot before we least we got out of the house this year

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Jessica said...

Oh I love that family pic. You look beautiful preggers:).