Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A great day with friends

Last Thursday, Evan and Calum came over for a playdate. We get to see them quite a bit through Tricks and playdates, but this time Mrs. Bressington had to work so the boys were here for a good part of the day. The boys are always well behaved and it's extra fun because they are so similiar in age to the girls. We played for a bit in the house and then I thought it would be fun to get outside and get some fresh air even if it was a little on the cold side. We set off for a scavenger hunt and the kids had a lot of fun searching for nature treats.

One of the kids found a big stick and Kate took over knocking down leaves

Calum took a break from the action to say "cheese"

On the way back Allison and Evan took the lead

While Kate and Calum held up the rear

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Jessica said...

So cute!! You are so brave to take them all out..sorry you had to rush back for a false alarm potty break:(. Hope you had a great Christmas!