Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delivery Day

So most of you know how stressed out I have been during the whole pregnancy. While Kate's birth turned out fine it was just a little too fast. I know a lot of people are in favor of home births but I think we let our bodies do the work, and we have medical professionals there to help when things go wrong.
Throughout my doctor visits I shared my concerns with Dr. Hiuga and the other doctors in the group. Each recommeded that we schedule an induction about a week before the due date to prevent a what they called another rapid delivery. I agreed but was apprehensive. Maybe Kate's delivery was a fluke and I didn't want to rush things along unnecessarily.
About 2 weeks ago during my weekly checkup Dr. Finnegan said that things were starting to soften and I should be getting ready. Those words sent Ryan and I into high gear. We set up the nursery (ha-ha it's just the pack and play and dresser in our room) and Ryan went to the hardware store and bought plastic and string in case the delivery happened in the car. This whole time I needed some positive scenario to have in my head. I knew I couldn't control when or how the birth happened but I needed some sort of plan that I could at least visualize. I finally came up with it...during my weekly doctor visit I would go in and find out I was two to three centimeters dialated and they would tell me go straight to the hospital. I would be ten minutes from the hospital instead of 55 minutes and the girls would be taken care of because they would be with someone for the appointment.
Another week goes by and not much changes so we both take a deep breath. Last Sunday I was out running errands by myself and I sent Ryan a text saying I felt like it was going to be this week. He jokingly asked for a day and time so that he could get it on the calendar. I told him Thursday afternoon. Maybe I could make a business out of it???
Thurday morning I woke up not feeling quite right. I told Ryan I thought today as the day. The girls were set to spend the late morning with Cindy while I went to my doctor appointment but Ryan packed the girls bags for the night just in case. He called in a sub and we set off to meet Cindy and then to the doctor. I wasn't having contractions but I still didn't feel quite right. At 11:30, we got to the doctor and I was two to three centimeters but without contractions they weren't ready to send me to the hospital. Dr. Speigel said I think this baby will delivery closer to 38 weeks than 40 but was ready to send us home. I didn't want to go home. Just the doctor checking me had started contractions so we set off to walk around the mall and see if we could get things going. We walked for about an hour and then the contractions were coming about every three to five minutes so we set off to pick up lunch and then off to the hospital. When they checked me at the hospital I was still only two to three centimeters but contractions were still coming so they told us to stay and see if I progressed. About 4 o'clock they checked me again and to my disappointment I was only 4 centimeters but since I was progressing they admitted me and called the doctor. At 5:10 Dr. Speigel got there and checked me again. I was still 4 to 5 centimeters but she broke my water and said she thought we'd deliver within the hour. At 5:42 I called the nurses in because I felt pressure. Now to me pressure and the need to push are pretty similiar but she checked me and said I was about 7 centimeters and she'd come back and check in about 20 minutes. I remember thinking you'be got to be kidding me. 3 minutes and two pushes later baby was out on the bed. No doctor, no delivery nurse, just the attending nurse standing at the computer inputting information. I was still covered with the sheets so I had to tell them "Baby's Out." Then the mad rush of nurses and my poor doctor come charging in. The baby was dark pink and let out a good cry after a few seconds and we knew things were fine. So in the end, I predicted it (although I said afternoon and technically it was evening), we made it to the hospital, and we now have another beautiful baby girl to run our house. God was looking down on us and He truly answered my prayers that day.


Casey's trio said...

I heard a little about the birth story from! Glad everything turned out well. Guess the nurses and docs really needed to listen to your mommy intuition:) Congratulations on another healthy baby girl.

Jessica said...

I am sooo glad it all turned out okay. She is so beautiful:), and you have another exciting birth story to tell.