Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fisihing with Dad

Another of Alli's favorite pasttimes is going out to one of our local lakes to fish with her daddy. It is a really special time for them and they usually head out in the golf cart and come back with some great stories. This particular day, the weather was beautiful and Kate wanted to tag along. I thought it might be a little much for Ryan with both girls so I tagged along to take pictures and entertain Kate once she became bored with the fishing experience. We took the batting tee, a bat, and ball and while Alli and Ryan fished, Kate and I played baseball. Some of the scenic shots show just how beautiful our surroundings are. We love Rancho Murieta and this was just a perfect day out here.

Alli practing with her new Barbie Fishing Pole

"What you doing Dad?"

Fishing with Dad

What a view

Our future cross country runner. She preferred to run most of the way around the lake as we followed or led in the golf cart.

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