Friday, April 23, 2010

It's all in a name

We really struggled with finding just the right name for Baby Girl Myers #3. I must admit that with my OCDness I did set a prerequisite. I wanted a name that started with a letter at the end of the alphabet. I have an "A" in Allison, a "K" in Kate, and while "Z" would be most appropriate, we are not a Zoe type family. So while the name didn't have to start with Z, I did want something near the end of the alphabet so I was focused on R, S, or T.

For most of my pregnancy, we had no ideas. Then one day Sarah came to mind and was stuck in my head. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the name and it wasn't that I didn't like it but it didn't stand out to me as something spectacular so I made a point NOT to tell Ryan in fear that he would really like it and Sarah would stick. The next day Ryan says to me I had a dream that we named her the hospital you said, "This is my Sarah." Later that week the girls and I went up to Cindy's for the afternoon and I told her about it and she said that she thought the name should be Sarah too. Goosebumps yet?

There continued to be discussions about names sometimes involving the girls and sometimes not. Over Easter, I decided I really liked the name Victoria and we'd call her Tori for short. We had already decided on Reagan as a middle name. While I won't go into a major political discussion here, let's just say naming her after a far more conservative president was intentional. There was something quite regal about Victoria Reagan...or so I thought. By Monday, Ryan had completely ruled out our only option.

About 2 weeks ago, I was playing BUNCO and somehow Ryan got to talking over names with the girls. Allison liked the name Molly because another family had just had a baby and named her Molly and Allison is quite open to persuasion. When he asked Kate, she said she liked Sarah. Once again, some of our discussions included the girls, but I don't think we included Sarah as our options in these discussions. And so Sarah Reagan she was meant to be. While it's only been a couple of days since we brought her home, but Sarah is definitely the right name.

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