Friday, April 23, 2010

My heart is full

Sarah had her first doctor appointment on Monday so that morning we packed up (I forgot how much gear you need anytime you set out with a newborn), loaded up, and set out for the doctor. During our 20 minute drive to Folsom, Kate and Allison sang the entire way there. Sarah slept while Allison and Kate sang everything from "The Good Morning Song" to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with ABCs and counting in the middle. I love those drives that I can just zone out and listen to them converse. I also love listening to them work out their differences. At one point Allison started counting and Kate started after her thereby distracting her. Alli got upset, but I told her to ask Kate to wait until she was done before she started counting and she did. Allison counted to 100 while Kate waited and then Kate started singing the ABCs. It's moments like that that make me smile and I know my heart if full. I love being a mom and I cherish my three girls more than anything. I'm a lucky girl!

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Jessica said...

Ah you are one lucky mama with three beautiful girls. Looks like the transition to three couldn't be better.