Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

I couldn't get this to rotate but it was the cutest cake ever.

I cannot believe that this day has come. I remember Allison's first day of preschool and how apprehensive I was in dropping her off. I knew she was ready but this was such a huge step for us. The Ranch is a wonderful place for preschoolers to grow and learn. Allison has gained not only a ton of knowledge but confidence and self assurance too.

I wanted to take a picture of Allison with her teachers and put it in a frame for the end of the year gift. The disadvantage to involving your kids in everything? She wanted to plant flowers for her teachers and there was no talking her of out it. So that's what she did. She picked out the pots and flowers and planted everyhting herself.

Circle Time

Weather more time


I haven't had the heart to tell Allison that she gave up the swings at preschool. There are no swings in elementary school. I think it might be her biggest disappointment.

Gracie, Allison, and Mrs. Campollo

Alli and Mrs. Dunn

Gracie, Blair, and Allison alongside Mrs. Akin

Congrats Alli Girl!

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Jessica said... swings??? How can they not have swings at a brand new school? I love that she planted the flowers! Our kids are growing up!