Thursday, June 17, 2010


We now have two children sleeping in our bed. While I never judge what other parents do I was never a fan of the family bed for my family. I need my sleep and I need my space. Well, along came Kate and from the first night in the hospital, that child would not sleep unless it was with me. We finally got her to sleep in her crib at about 6 months old (with lots of tears and a little vomit-yes, she gets herself so worked up that she throws up) and it was good until last year at Bass Lake. We all slept in the same room and it was easier to pull her into bed than fight with the pack and play at all hours of night. LITTLE DID I KNOW that a year later she would still be sleeping in hour bad. She starts off in her own bed but sometime during the night she climbs on in.

My plan was for Sarah to sleep in the pack and play in our room until she was ready for her own roon and crib which also involves moving big girls into one room. Well, Sarah too had other plans and she is also sleeping with us. and as you can tell from the pictures, sleeping on the yellow pad and taking over Kate's bed too. How is it that she can sleep just about anywhere in the house during the day, but just one spot at night. Oh well, someday they won't want anything to do with their mom and I'll miss these days of being squished between them and listening to those sweet little breaths.

This is pretty comfortable..why doesn't she sleep in it?

Sleeping in Kate's bed


Jessica said...

She looks like such a big girl in those pictures. Although not the most comfortable, it is very precious to have baby breath in your face:).

Kathleen Matthews said...

Speaking as someone who knows first hand; savor each and every one of these moments. Too soon the girls will be grown. Their love for you will never change, but the time they spend with you will.
Love ya-