Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Every year for Father's Day Ryan goes up and plays golf with his Dad. He's a great dad each day of the year but this day he's gets to take it off and just hang out with his dad. Allison made him a present at school and she excitedly hid it under her bed for the past month. On Thursday we went to a Brainy Zoo and made garden stones for him. On Sunday while he was playing golf, the girls and I made him Snickerdoodles (his first choice would've been peanut butter cookies, but Allison wasn't going for that) and we prepped a yummy dinner which all he needed to do was BBQ. The girls and I had a great day and hopefully he did too. They love you Daddy! and I do too!

We had to do some minor repair to the garden stones. They dried too quickly so some of the gems wouldn't stick.

Nothing a little hot glue can't fix

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Jessica said...

I love the garden stones:)..So cute! I keep meaning to do some but never get around o it..I am now inspired!