Saturday, June 26, 2010

So long truck!

Three kids means three car seats. Pretty simple you would think, but getting those three car seats into a car is nothing simple at all. Sarah has to sit in the middle because she faces backwards and hits the seat in front of her which means that her travel system carseat must be lifted over one of the big girls' seats.

In the truck it means I have to climb all the way in and thrust her over the other car seat all the while hoping I plop in the right spot without pinching fingers along the way. Hers are the only ones safe. Then there's always the issue of the clam shell doors. It's not so easy to dosey do with 3 kids (one in a car seat) in a parking lot where you have about a foot of room between you and the next vehicle.

In the car I have to pull the handle of the car seat down before I put her in and jam her between the two other car seats until I hear a click. Once again look out below and watch those fingers. The good thing is those cars seats are in so tight the girls aren't going anywhere. The car seats probably don't need to be buckled in (but they are).

Ryan and I have talked about the vehicle situation for months now but on one income we don't really want to take on a car's been 5 years since we've had to make one of those, but after struggling we decided to sell the truck and get a mini van. Ryan put the truck up on craigslist on Friday morning before Father's Day (Happy Father's Day to you! You have to sell the truck you love for a mini van that you probably won't love) and it was sold by Monday evening.

Swagger Wagon here we come

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