Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sacramento County Fair

So it's Friday and Allison is out of school and says, "Mom, I want to do something fun today." Ryan already had plans to play golf with friends so I hit the internet in hopes of finding someplace fun. I found that the county fair was in town. I was a little apprehensive about taking all three kids sans Ryan to the fair, but I promised myself that I would never let any one of the girls miss out on something because of the others so no matter how hard this might be I was going to attempt it. We first set out to Walgreens for all-you-can-ride wristbands as advertised on the fair such thing.
The girls had a great time on the rides. Allison was her usual daredevil self and spotted the roller coaster immediately while Kate chose the more laid back approach and couldn't get enough of the carousel. We had a great day and I'm proud to say this mama can hang with the best of them even solo!
Roller Coaster time!

Allison atop the fun house

All Aboard!

Big Sister got her license first

What's a trip to the fair without some face paint?

I have to add that Kate was not a fan of the animals. We walked around a bit after rides and wandered through the animal exhibit. We found the goats first, then the horses and each time she would say, "It stinks, let's leave." She liked looking at the rabbits and roosters, and seemed okay with the pigs until they oinked. Even at the county fair, we three are city girls.

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