Saturday, August 8, 2009

3 going on 13

Allison refused to nap today. She goes back and forth between resting and napping, but for about 2 weeks now she's been sleeping during nap time. Today was a different story, not only was she not napping but she wasn't resting. After rest time, I was doing some cleaning and found her room a complete disaster. Not the usual mess after playing, but this was one of those days where her intent was to make a mess. Bed was moved across the room against her dresser, closet emptied onto the floor, etc. I asked her to clean her room to prepare for company later and her response was, "I'm NEVER going to clean my room." So I replied, "if you want to play with your toys later, you need to clean your room." To which Allison replied (with attitude), "I want you to help me." I said, "I didn't help make the mess so you need to clean it up yourself." Her response, "I'm NEVER going to clean my room but I know that you will help me anyway." I didn't justify it with a response more because I was laughing, but her room was clean by the time I was done vacuuming. For the record, I did help her move her bed back to its spot, but she did the rest.

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