Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Special Conversations

I'm not really sure what sparked it but Allison's latest conversation starter is, "Mom, I want to live in the same house as you even when I get older." I think we started talking about going off to college and that someday she would get married and not live with me. Since then, she seems to bring up the subject each time we get in the car but she always has this very solemn look on her face and it just breaks my heart that she's already thinking about such distant things. I've tried to tell her that someday she's going to want to have her own space, but she knows that she can live with me for as long as she wants. Today on our way to a friend's house we decided that she can live with me for as long as she wants but when she does move out she has to live in Murieta :-) We'll see just how long I can hold her to that promise.

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