Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

Well, unfortunately Ryan didn't get to enjoy his brand new bed. Kate decided she was not going to sleep in her crib at all last night. I know many think I'm a softee but I tried to let her cry it out last night and once again she threw up on herself. At that point I'm not willing to clean her up and then plop her in her crib to start the whole thing all over again. So she was in bed with us chatting, singing, and kicking until 10:30. At that point, Ryan grabbed his stuff (in a huff) and went to sleep on the futon. I must say that after he left she didn't make a peep and within 5 minutes was fast asleep.
This morning we frosted cupcakes and then went to bring Ryan lunch at school. We stopped at his favorite, Dos Coyotes, and then had lunch with him and his fellow teachers in their staff room. He made it home early from cross country practice and we all had dinner together and opened his presents. It's not the same since he has to teach on his birthday, but hopefully he had a good birthday and hopefully he gets a good night's rest.

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