Sunday, August 9, 2009

A typical day

Ryan continues to work hard on the deck so the girls and I did our usual weekend shopping. The grocery store and Costco were on the agenda for this morning. We ran into half of the Pettus family today and Allison decided that whenever we go to Costco, we always see someone that we know. The conversation kept them both occupied which was necessary since getting out of the cart was not an option.

During the afternoon we traveled outside again to allow Ryan more time to work on the deck. We played on the slip and slide, with the squirting octopus, and then in the plastic pool. We also had our own little photo session to prepare for tomorrow's real photo session. Stay tuned....

The girls also finally got a chance to play with the neighbors, Dakota and Dawson. It has been a long time since our schedules allowed for the kids to play together. It was a good afternoon. Ryan was even able to take a break and head out to the lake for some fishing with a friend.

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