Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fog Willow Trip #1

Saturday evening we headed out to Fog Willow Pumpkin Farm for one of many visits to our local pumpkin patch this season. We hold Kate's birthday party there so were invited to "Little Pickers" Family Night. We got to cruise the pumpkin patch on one of the first weekends and visit with the animals. The girls checked out the new and improved playground. We were provided with an hot dog meal and then watched a movie out on the grass after dark with popcorn and cotton candy. The girls had a great time and the weather made it really seem like fall. Ryan made the mistake of wearing shorts and he was cold almost as soon as we got there. The girls loved having dinner at the pumpkin patch and while they had no interest in the movie (just like at home) they did enjoy being with a group of strangers to enjoy a really good time. Ryan wasn't overly enhusiastic about going, but he snuck in a couple of beers and I'm not sure if they made the difference, but he had a good time too.

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