Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Kate has had a fever for the past couple of days and it's quite challenging to keep one happy when she's sick while the other one is jumping off the walls because she feels fine. Ryan is down in Los Angeles with the cross country team so the girls and I tried to get through the weekend on our own. We headed to the Rancho Murieta Boy Scout pumpkin lot to support our local boy scout and to get a big pumpkin to carve. We ended up with six large pumpkins of all different colors and four more miniature pumpkins to add to the nine that we already have. Our many trips to the pumpkin patch this year has resulted in more pumpkins in the front yard than necessary. But it did make for a good hide and seek game the other day.

After dinner and baths, we set out to carve our pumpkins. Kate's interest held for all of 3 and half seconds. Allison held on for a little longer, but then occupied herself with decorating the little pumpkins. We had fun and I must say, I'm pretty proud of our Jack-O-Lantern

Let the preparations begin

Since the girls each have their own cameras, they are very into solo shots so that they can take pictures of themselves.

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