Friday, October 23, 2009

Kate said...

Once the little ones first start talking, the things that come out of their little mouths can only make you laugh. I kept a written list for most of the funny things that Allison said, but I wanted to also keep a list for Kate and I thought I would share. Some won't be as funny to you since you weren't there to hear it but I hope you enjoy anyway.

At night Kate likes to squeeze my nose (we call it honking) but she will do it forever and not got to sleep so the other night I told her my nose didn't work at bedtime. She thought for a minute and then honked her own nose and said, "Kate('s) works." Then she pointed again at my nose and said, "batteries." Afterall, when something doesn't work replace the batteries, right?

The next morning we had to get out of the house early which is no small task for this group. So I explained to the girls that we were going to get dressed and then have breakfast. Allison was immediately concerned with the prospect of spillage. I told her they could wear a bib and still Allison worried about me. She said, "are you going to wear a bib?" I said, "No I think I will be ok." Around the corner comes Kate and she simply says, "Too Big!" Yes, I guess I am too big to wear a bib.

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