Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the actual day

Today is the actual day of Kate's 2nd birthday. We had yet another trip to the pumpkin patch with Little Smarties Preschool. Allison was great through the tour even though it gets pretty long the second time around. Kate was not having it though. I had to hold her for the entire two hours...not so fun. We did have a special dinner of Hero Burgers in honor of Ryan. He will always be a hero to me and to Kate for her crazy birth.

On Kate's birthday, I'm always taken back to that crazy day. I think it all started with the email that I sent to friends and family. We had a lot going on just before Kate was born with moving, doctor appointments for Allison's seizures, and Allison's minor surgery to get her tongue clipped. I sat down that Saturday afternoon during her nap and wrote an email to all friends and family to update them on our family and let everyone know that with all that we had been through...the results were good. In retrospect, the email was more for me to put my mind to rest on all of the things that were weighing so heavily. With my mind and body at peace, we set off the store for our weekly grocery shopping and there the story continues. A stop at the park because I forgot the list at home, water breaking, an attempt to go home and pack by myself because I had promised Allison a trip to the park and you can't break a promise, a quick car trip back to the park to pick up the family after unsucessfully trying to pack, and then the whirlwind of an unplanned birth at home. I get very emotional as I remember that day because everything went so right when it could've gone very wrong. A huge thanks to my husband for being just who I needed him to be that day. Amazing then and now. Happy Birthday Kate Girl!

The perfect picture to capture Kate at two years old. It really wasn't very cold outside, but at lunchtime Kate decided she must wear her beanie. Her plate and her cup must match (but in the short week since her birthday it must now be pink). She asks for a grilled cheese sandwich but rarely eats it, but still she's as cute as can be.

A recreation for the night of celebration

Blowing out the candles

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