Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!

Kate had a big birthday weekend. Aunt Patty, Uncle Tom, and Great Grandpa Morgan drove up from LA for the birthday party so the fun began on Saturday when they arrived. Patty and Tom always spoil the girls when they come up so the girls love their visits. Then Sunday it was off to Fog Willow, yet again, for the birthday party. Thanks to all of the friends and family that came out to celebrate her special day. That night when Kate was going to bed she was naming off all of the people at the party. She had a great time and it was because of the many special people in her life.

Kate was so excited for her very own laptop. Thanks Aunt Patty and Uncle Tom

Already hard at work

We had a Thomas the Tank Engine Theme

Good Friends Calum and Evan aboard the Fog Willow Train

Not sure if this conductor would say, "All Aboard!" or "MOOOO"

Our neighbors and friends: Dawson and Dakota

Longtime friends Evelyn and Josie

And two of our most favorite people Grace and Mrs. Himmelmann. Poor Heather was somehow stuck as the only adult on the excursion. Luckily all of the kids were fine.

Sam Frizzi found something that caught his eye. Sam holds a special place in my heart because I had my first teaching position filling in for his mom while she was on maternity leave. He can't be this old already!

We made Kate carry all of her loot to the truck :-)

The party continued at home with most presents.

Kate has her very own camera thanks to Grandma

Nana and Papa splurged and got Kate a wonderful train table for her birthday and she LOVES it!

Once again thanks to all of the friends and family that helped to make Kate's birthday very special. Happy Birthday Kate Girl. We love you!

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Patty said...

Great pictures and great commentary!! as always :-)