Saturday, October 10, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

There's a company in Rancho Murieta that launches a hot air balloon for people to take a ride over the Amador Wine Country. They usually launch early in the morning so we don't often see it, but since the weather has cooled off they are now able to launch at night too. The girls and I took a picnic dinner down to the open field by the airport and watched it launch. It was double the fun because we also got to see a few airplanes land. It was a great atmosphere for eating dinner.

They used a huge air compressor to fill the balloon with air before the launch

Allison loved to watch all of the different colors appear

We saw the flames once it was time to get the balloon upright.

Dinner in the back of the truck...good times

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Jessica said...

Oh I wish I would have known about this! How fun!!!