Friday, September 18, 2009

Doctors and Dancing

It was time for Allison's 4 year check up Wednesday morning. She loves going to see Dr. Lloren and she is very brave when it comes to shots. This morning's appointment started off with a hearing and vision test. Her hearing is perfect and her vision is 20/30. I was surprised at the vision results because she often spots things on the road far before I do, but I guess that might say more about my vision than hers. Next up was the visit with Dr. Lloren and the discussion of shots. She was due for another MMR, but we opted not to have it since the first one resulted in Allison's first febrile seizure. She hasn't had one in almost 2 years, but I didn't feel the need to test my luck so instead of the 5 she was scheduled for, she received two shots and was very brave through them both. No tears at all. Then it was off to Target for some shopping and then Jamba Juice for our post doctor treat tradition. We then had to go straight to school where she was able to show off her war bandages and get much needed sympathy from her teachers.

At night Ryan and I are often priveledged to see "performances." Allison and Kate go off to Allison's room for about 10 seconds to practice a dance. Less than a song later, they come out and want to perform for us. Allison will be a director someday because she is very good at telling Kate just what to do. Sometimes Kate listens and sometimes she doesn't but it's fun to hear them interact and also fun to see them "perform" for us.

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Patty said...

Love the addition of video!!! Very cute. Alli is very brave! No tears during shots...Wow! I just love your blogs, I showed a girlfriend your blog and suggested she do the same...she just had a baby on August 26th so she also has lots to share.

Love Aunt P