Friday, September 11, 2009

Kate's 1st Dance Class

Since Allison's first dance class in February, Kate has been dying for her own class. She's always wearing Alli's ballet and tap shoes and she often practices more than Allison does. We finally convinced the local dance teacher, Miss Lissa, to start a dance class for the little ones. Now many would say Alli's age is little, but after today's class no one would argue that these little girls are ready to dance. If I knew how to spell the ballet terms, I would tell you that the girls practiced them all. But the funniest for me was on the way home from dropping Allison off at preschool I look back and Kate is saying, "Miss Lissa (which is not decipherable by anyone else but me) Open, Close, Open, Close." And that's exactly what she was doing. During the first week: Allison's minutes practice 0. Kate's minutes practiced 2.5.

The girls getting their princess beads

Getting ready to dance with Miss Lissa

Mid twirl

Posing with Cate and Kennedy after class

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Jessica said...

Oh these pictures are so precious! I love the first one with the pink purse. Glad Kate has her own special class now.