Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Painting and Big Girl Beds

The girls have been begging me to let them paint since they got a new paint set for Alli's birthday. Usually the set up and clean up process lasts longer than the activity time. But, I needed a mellow day to get the house in order and to do the mounds of laundry that have accumulated since the birthday party festivities so I gave in and the girls spent the morning and the afternoon painting. Allison preferred pink while Kate preferred purple as usual. If only we had a museum to display their works of art.

I tried to capture the moment but as soon as I walked in the room she was awake.
I set up the toddler bed in Kate's room this morning and I thought we would make a slow introduction just like I did with Allison. With Alli, first we played on it and then we would read stories on it, but it wasn't until much later that she actually slept in it. Once again Kate was in a hurry. After our story and rocking time, I went to put her in her crib to which she responded, "Bed." I was surprised and a little reluctant. Kate likes to battle everything and I was not at all prepared to do this battle yet. Much to my surprise, after a little chatter and a lot of music (via the Fisher Price Aquarium) there was silence and sleep in her toddler bed. YEAH, KATE! I'm thankful for today, but I know I've just set myself up for more battles.


Jessica said...

Go Kate! Here's to crossing my fingers it goes just as well tomorrow, and the next day..and the next day!

Kathleen said...

Grandma's Big Girl~~

myersfamily said...

The days/naps are going well. The nights...not so much!