Friday, September 25, 2009

Last evenings of summer

After our field trip, the girls were exhausted. Allison is still adjusting to not napping on school days and Kate got a really short nap due to the field trip. Ryan had to stay at school late because he was running the snack bar during the Powder Puff Football Game in honor of homecoming week. After a long day I knew I had to get creative to get through the night with my sanity. We decided to take a run through the sprinklers and have dinner outside. I went a step further and cut their burgers into star shapes in hopes to get them to eat them. They aren't big burger fans unless it's In-N-Out so when we have them at home, it is usually only marginally sucessful. We made it through the night and even enjoyed popsicles to end the night. Now bring on the fall weather...PLEASE :-)

As you can tell, Kate's eye is doing a nice progression into the rainbow colors


Patty said...

I love the star hamburger! You did a great job. Kate's eye looks pretty good. Alli likes to have her picnic with her helmet on? LOL, I love it

Jessica said...

What fun! I might have to try the star shaped burgers. Good idea! Thanks for having us over, the boys had a great time.