Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Flies

Can we really be half way through September already? We had a busy weekend and it all went by in a blurr. Ryan held a car wash to raise money for the Disneyland trip for the cross country team. Just his luck, schedule a car wash and IT RAINED. All was not lost though, he was able to raise over $500 even with the weather so it was well worth the time. The girls and I stopped by to say hello and get the truck washed in support of the cause. The afternoon was spent on a solo trip to Folsom to run errands. Kate gave me a run for my money at nap time so I needed some mommy alone time. She wasn't happy to find me gone when she awoke, but it needed to happen.

Sunday morning the neighbor boys came over for playdate. I think the boys like to come over and play with the toys, but I'm not sure they enjoy the friends that go with it. Allison really knows how to press Dakota's buttons and Kate and Dawson are at the "mine" stage. Sometimes were good and sometimes there was a lot of screaming. I finished the hectic weekend with a co-ed softball double header. Not a way to ease into the season for me or for Kate. We ended up 0-2 for the day...but everyone makes the playoffs so the joke was that there was no reason to win early.

Mondays consist of a trip to Tricks Gymnastics where Kate loves to jump and run and Alli loves to swing on the bars and just be a goof. Allison loves her teacher Megan and loves time away from Kate. Nana came over to watch Kate after Tricks so that I could spend the afternoon with Alli at school. It was a good day, but we are 3 tired girls. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but life is happening so fast these days I feel like I don't even have time to grab the camera. Until next time...

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