Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

For Alli's birthday I wanted to take her to the circus. We got tickets for the first show and we started talking about what to expect. Is there really a way to explain the circus? After naps, we headed out and got to Arco Arena ridiculously early. To kill time we stopped at Starbucks and occupied our time with Hidden Pictures. Ryan arrived after a while and we went out to dinner which is not something that we often do. Off to the circus we went. Both girls were entertained the whole time. They loved the animals and the stunts. Allison's favorite was Mr. Gravity as Ryan has been discussing the topic of gravity since before she could say the word. Two hours later it was done and Kate looked up with this stunned look on her face. She signed and said "MORE." I guess that speaks for itself

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