Monday, September 21, 2009

Kate's first black eye

Our weekend started early with a Friday evening birthday party at Adventureland. Both girls had a blast celebrating Charlie and Henry Vance's birthdays. Kate did her best to keep up with the older kids. All night Ryan and I were sure she was going to get hurt and by the end of the night we were right. She was playing in the arcade and fell off one of the race car video games right on to her head. She had a bump on her head and her eyebrow started to swell. Little did we know that overnight it would develop into a full black eye. She woke up looking like a boxer and acting like one too. You would never know she was hurt except for the bruise. I know it will turn some pretty colors before it goes away, but she had a great time and I know we will be back to adventureland sometime soon.

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Patty said...

Poor baby :-(....glad she took a kickin and kept on tickin. Mostly glad that both girls had a wonderful time!